Chewing gum short novel 

Particles of my body mix up with the last chewing gum I have recovered from the bottom of the pocket while I think that maybe we could have casual sex as if we were teenager neighbours and later on after years we could look at each other and say we could get married.

Particles of my chewing gum are defeating me but not so much if I get into a self vanishing mode that wants to melt with what is around me being not afraid of losing consistency but eager to experiment other ones. Such as having quick and lavish sex with my neighbour.

Marriage is a word that suggests many semiotisations. Proposing marriage as someone who chews up a chewing gum and is not afraid of losing consistency seems fine. A testing of sense, taste, tender, tonus, intensity, resistance and sweat also do come with.

Neighbour? Is a chance location. Or location by chance. For if being your neighbour I could have had the chance of teasing you since much earlier in life. Luckily another type of territory brought us together. Drawing from this sort of particles and consistencies to drive around between bodies spaces desire libido encounter and adults semiotisations, such as marriage, better saying, tasting it all from the disposability of a chewing gum must, still, be fine.

(End of the novel.)

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