Becoming dog of love
Becoming rabbit of sex
Becoming fox
Becoming lizard (licking licking)
Becoming monkey (screaming screaming!)
Becoming cat closing eyes
The becoming cat warm in each other
The becoming sensitive to your touch
The becoming jelly down in the
Vagina becoming pussy
Becoming water
Becoming lake of
The dog
The rabbit
The fox
The cat
The wolf
Wolf appeared (in a becoming redwood)
(Red hood can be you)
After the Loner’s forest
And the becoming wild of two dogs
She sees coming up a Bear with a broken paw
Somebody says
– Heart, woof-woof!
The Bear (female) insists:
– Paw, woof.
Dogs becoming two under the red hood
Neighboring a confusing line, a smoky lake
Opaque water
Forest around
Whatever rises – arouses – are trees
Whatever spreads, spreads
Why not to become, a red lake
A red kite
And after a flight
Alight by a branch
Look around, spy Wolves Bears Rabbits Foxes
Some wild
Some becoming.

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